2005 volvo xc90 radio not working

volvo xc90 ICM Q: I have an 05 xc90 the radio quit 6 months ago. volvo says that we cant replace with used because it will have to be reprogrammed to match the cars computer? Is this true or can I just change it out with this unit?

A: No, it is not truth, you don’t need to reprogram it, I have installed man and one I plug it in it worked fine every time, you need to make sure which type of the display you had because there were 2 types of displays depending on the system you had. Premium sound used matrix display and high performance sound system used numeric which is very hard to come by since there were many more premium sound systems, I have included a direct link to volvo xc90 radio panels also called as ICM
click here to see more info on volvo xc90 radio panels ICM

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