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2002 volvo s60 with hu-613 stereo upgrade

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Q: Hi. I have a Volvo v70 2002. it’s head unit is a uh-603 with a cassette player. My question is it has a center speaker grille in the middle of the dashboard. If I put a center speaker that you have it it, does it have wires to connect with the speaker and would it work with the head unit? Thanks and best regards,

A: Hello, if you have the hu-613 installed no the center speaker is not there, if it goes to the wire it is there and all you need to do is put the center speaker there and replace the hu-613 with hu-803 and add amplifier under the passenger seat the power wire is there, you will also need harness that go from amplifier to hu-803thank youPatrick

2001 volvo xc70 broken cd player hu-613 replacement

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Q:Is there any kind of warranty on this item? Any question? Ok. We have this system in our XC70 (2001) and the disc will not eject. Any suggestions or ideas. Is there a simple repair or just replace the unit.

Do you know if the system you are selling functions properly. ie. disc ejects radio works as it should and the tape player works as it should.

A:Yes these cd players come with 60 day warranty,Im sorry to say but it is not something that can be fixed and you will need to replace the whole cd player it is not difficult to do so you don’t have to go to the dealer to do so, all you need to do is remove the plastic cover that is around the shifter, there are 2 clips that you push and than remove the 2 torx 25 screws that are under the sc unit and than you need to pull down the ac unit and in the same time twist it forward to remove it, after that you will have 2 more screws from the cd player and that’s all, please remember never remove the connectors from the ac just leave it connected, I hope it help and I also included direct link to the xc70 01 cd player if you need one

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volvo v70 cd player hu-613 installed replacement

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

hu-613Q:I have 2002 v70 with Volvo HU-613 which broke I bought another one and  installed it , however, 2 problems, no control feature lights (display is OK but no other lights operable), and not working with steering wheel controls.

A: If you installed another one in your volvo then sometimes it would require software download in order for the steering wheel controls work again, if it goes to the illumination it is common for radio that old to have burned bulbs so I would recommend putting few new bulbs especially that you already took out the broken unit so you can play with it to see how to replace the bulbs.
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