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2002 volvo v70 third row seat upgrade

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

volvo extra seatQ: Hello, I have 2002 volvo v70 and I noticed that there are third row seats available for my car, could you please let me know if this is something that I could add to my volvo v70 that didn’t come with extra seat,  how difficult is installation of it, any information will be appreciated,

A: Yes, you may add third row seat to your v70, however there are many components that need to come with it in order to have it installed, there are people who have these seats for sale on ebay  but you need to know that it will come with needed hardware because later on volvo dealer will charge you a lot for every missing component. Volvos v70 01-07 were prepared for these seats and all needed mounts are already there, there is no need of any modifications. I do have these seats and erie on ebay also offers  such  kits. If it goes to installing third row seat it is not very difficult just time consuming depending on your skills, I would say it will take around 2 hours at most, I also provide step by step instructions on installing it so can do it yourself,

here is a direct link to these third row seats

click here to see more info on volvo V70 third row seat

2002 volvo v70 third row seat installation

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

volvo v70 2001 and up third row seat installationQ: I would like to add third row seat to my 2002 volvo v70, could you please tell me how I can do that and if I need to make any modifications to my volvo, could I install it myself?

A: All volvos v70 or xc70 2001 and up can have third row seat added, I have attached a photo showing installation of it, it is not very difficult to install, it will take couple of hours if you never have done it but it is something that you can do yourself, you will save around $250  that’s how much shops usually charge for installation of third seat.  also have a video showing the installation, email me and I will send a link to it.